Apple OS5 Review

December 2nd, 2011

Apple is making a monumental strive towards cloud computing with the release of the new operating system for Iphone, ITouch, and IPad. The change is revolutionizing how our smart devices store and backup crucial data and eliminates the need for a PC. In addition to cloud-based storage with all OS5 capable devices the operating system itself has overhauled many long anticipated features. Here are what I believe to be the greatest benefits to upgrade to OS5.

1) Backing up is SIMPLIFIED. Users have two options: Backup to ITunes like normal or backup to the cloud. The backup process takes place at night while the phone is charging without your involvement. It is also possible to sync to ITunes over Wi-Fi!

2) Tether free! Apple has officially cut the cord. The company who brought us the original PC has now told us they are obsolete. IPhone, IPad, and ITouch are now 100% configurable without a PC. All purchases from Apple can be downloaded to any and all devices with a simple push. Or, if you prefer, when a song, app, or book is purchased on one it will automatically download to all devices that use your Apple ID without even prompting you.

3) Cloud-Based storage. Email (@mac address, or addresses), reminders, contacts, app data, pictures, and notes are all stored on the cloud. If you edit a note on your iphone the change will be reflected on your IPad. This is essentially MS Exchange for everyone who owns an apple product.

4) IPad Keyboard Change. Although it needs a little tweaking, the IPad’s keyboard can now be slightly separated for easy thumb typing. This was a very nice upgrade.

5) Siri. Siri can only be found on the IPhone 4S. Siri takes normal voice to text processes and runs circles around them. It is simply amazing how it understand basic questions and provides the right answer. Simple questions like “Will I need an umbrella today?” will return answers such as “No. There is no rain in the forecast for today.”. Giving certain commands such as “Remind me when I get home to call my sister” will create a geo-fence around your home alerting you to call your sister when you actually arrive at home. Of all the features this one is probably the most substantial.

All of these features are available (except Siri) for free on all Apple products. Although there are more features and updates I think these are the most noticeable and impressive. OS5 has certainly changed everything again.

-Brett Haralson

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