The Best Virus Protection on the Market

April 29th, 2016

esetFor years, we recommended antivirus systems from Symantec and Norton. Unfortunately, they have become too cumbersome and problematic to use and maintain. More importantly, they have proven ineffective against newer crops of viruses.
When we set out to find the “best” antivirus system, we started by listing what was important to us and our clients:

  • 1. Easy to deploy, maintain and configure
  • 2. Should be “lightweight” and not interfere with common applications
  • 3. Should be manageable from a central console
  • 4. Should update itself
  • 5. Should be able to stop new, modern viruses
  • 6. No annual renewals or long-term contracts
  • 7. “Set it and forget it” operation

After trying out several new systems, we have chosen a line of antivirus products from eSET.

All systems protected by eSET check in with our “mother ship,” a cloud-based server from which we monitor activity, schedule updates, and automatically perform scans. We have found this system to be very lightweight—it does not interfere with other programs. It is easy to deploy and maintain and has done a good job of protecting our clients’ systems. Through our volume licensing
purchases, we are able to provide individual licenses on a monthly basis—no annual contracts required.

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY:  If you would like to try eSet on your workstations, just give us a call! We will install it on your systems. Try it for 2 weeks. If you are not satisfied, we will remove it. No Problem. No Charge!

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